A 10/25NL Session on UB

Posted on Jun 06, 2006 by Gugel in General

I finally had a decent session at 10/25 on UB. Typically I just find a really sick table to sit at if Im already playing 5/10, I dont like plan to play 10/25. When this happens, usually I am 1 tabling then, and really concentrating on the action. Its definitely less profitable than 8 tabling 5/10 nl 6 max on party, but

  1. Its more fun
  2. Its something new
  3. It definitely helps my game a ton

Shorthanded hyper aggressive NL cash games (especially if it gets deep) are so intense and very often the most difficult thing to play. Anyway, I played for a few hours and got slapped in the face with the deck and ended up over 10k. God damn it I told myself not to use numbers in this stupid blog, but I guess everyone does it. Here are some hands, and then later I feel the need to go on a rant about idiots.

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