Serious Threat to Online Poker

Posted on Sep 15, 2006 by Gugel in General

Its serious, and its very real right now. For a few months now, the possibility of an anti internet gambling bill passing in the US senate has been looming, and it seems now it is on the verge of occuring. This 2+2 thread explains the situation quite well.

To ANY and EVERY American person who reads this blog, PLEASE do your part and call your reps. Tell them you are a voter, and this will seriously affect your vote in the next election. If this passes my life will be completely changed, and so will thousdands of online poker players. Not to mention, that it is purely political, and not moral or right at all. Bill Frist is a politician, and he is using this bullshit issue to get himself elected in 2008. I do not want the government telling me, and 300 million other adults how they can live their lives. This isnt democracy, this is politcal masturbation.

The bill isnt even going on the senate floor, the threat is that it will be piggybacked on a new DoD defense bill authorizing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of your politics, this is absurd. Our servicemen are getting their agends fucked over because of some dumb politcal ulterior agenda. The defense bill has already passed, it is just in the committee phase now.

Do not just sit around, call your reps, do ANYTHING you can to help.

Update: The UIGEA passed in 2006.  There is currently an effort led by Barney Frank to repeal the legislation.  You can help the cause by contacting your state representatives, governor, Congress and President Obama through the PPA.

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