An Ultimate Poker PC Buying, Upgrading Tweaking Guide

Posted on Dec 05, 2006 by Gugel in General

Buying a Poker PC
But what makes a poker PC? The computer I got back in 1998 can run any online poker room, you say.

You might not mind waiting a few minutes to access your PokerTracker or HoldEm Manager database while your computer is pretty much paralyzed. It probably doesnt bother you that in the back of your mind, youre scared that your computer might crash during a big hand. You blame your misclicks on being tired rather than the $5 mouse you got at Wal-Mart. And overlapping 8 tables on one screen? No problem!

For an awesome step-by-step guide on how to build your own PC (its really pretty easy), check out Toms Hardware. If you still have questions, send a PM on 2+2 to Gugel.

Tweaking Your PC / Removing Spyware & Malware
Its probably been a while since you bought your computer. You might still remember the good old days when your computer had cat-like reflexes. You double-clicked a program, BAM, it opened up. Now, it sounds like a pair of angry squirrels are inside your computer case, fighting to the death, if you so much as attempt to copy and paste something in Word. Patience is a virtue, you say? Well, more likely than not, the slowdown is caused by bugs, viruses, and other badware that have invaded your PC. This compromises your security when youre logging into your favorite poker room. So heres a guide thatll prevent your computer from getting infested.

Buy Hand Histories

The more you know about your competition, the more you can profitably exploit them.  You can buy hand histories to boost your Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker database and help you better reads on your opponents.

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