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Posted on Oct 03, 2008 by Gugel in General

I just came 4th in the Stars 300, for about 5400 dollars. Im pretty sure Im at the stage with my poker career and bankroll, that I could give 2 shits about coming in 4th. I mean, yeah, 5400, weeee, but I fucking hate losing at final tables. It was a fairly tough final table though, with a very aggressive player to my left, and ahh_snap and adamoos when it was 4 handed- 2 other solid players. I definitely have been playing badly in tournaments recently, as I am play very few and playing mostly cash games. I have had a really great run in cash games at 5/10, 10/20 and some 10/25, so I really dont feel the need to play tournaments. I still enjoy them, and I have an edge at literally every single online tournament in my opinion, but probably not the way I have been playing lately.

When I made the transition to cash games a few months ago, I really learned how to think about NL Holdem and poker in general (something I think is harder to learn with tournaments), one thing I definitely learned to do was fold marginal hands. TPTK in tournaments may as well be quads, given that you usually have less than 40bbs. In cash games, when two people get all in for full stacks, you typically expect them to have relatively strong hands, set vs tptk, big draw vs overpair, etc. In tournaments however, its not unusual to see very large pots with fairly marginal hands. For whatever reason though, I seem to have been overcompensating when playing tournaments- I just assume that any hand is good enough cause he might be bluffing! or some shit like that. So despite learning how to fold in cash games, I definitely dont do it enough in tournaments. Also, I seem to react poorly to unknowns in tournaments. Since I am playing less, I dont really get the right reads on total unknowns. For example, for an unknown in a 10/25 game on UB, it wouldnt be crazy to see him bluff multiple barrels with air, but that is much less likely to happen in tournaments even high buy in ones. Im probably being influenced by the cash games though, because I find it harder to play against players I dont know these days.

Someone on 2+2 said I wasnt updating my blog very often, so here I am. He also suggested I live up to my word, and make a post with all my good 2+2 posts. Is this self-promoting and arrogant? Yeah probably

I guess Ill post them quasi chronologically:

  • After playing really not seriously for a year, (even though I thought I was) I told my poker story to 2+2. It is basically the way I started off, and how I got into poker and such. Here it is.
  • This was like 8 months later, and really was the start of my real poker career I think- about 1 year ago. I still was pretty horrible back then, but I think its the point where I really decided to take poker seriously and when I made the decision to commit myself to my game: Man I still sucked!
  • Fast foward to my first real downswing. Variance is a bitch huh. (probably was because I was terrible too.)
  • Here is a post I made regarding the switch from tournaments to cash games. Its down there somewhere.
  • Im definitely a sucker for lame inspirational speech type things, especially in poker. So heres one that I made, although I think it isnt half bad.
  • Here is a post I made re restealing in response to La Brujita.
  • And finally, I recently had a little argument where I sort of explained why I am so addicted to 2+2 and why Im sometimes a jerk in my posts.

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