Free Jsnipes28 (pez_vela) Heads Up NL Video

Posted on Jan 19, 2009 by Gugel in Videos

I stumbled upon a video from back in 2007 by jsnipes28.  Hes a really solid player at $2/$4, $3/$6, and $5/$10NL and theres definitely a quite a few nuggets of wisdom you can take out his video.  Theres a discussion of the video here.

Here are the download mirrors:
Mirror 1

Getting the video set up was a bit of a hassle, but since its free, I couldnt really complain.  Anyway, I needed to use VideoLAN to see the video, but the good news is that its a super quick download and install.  The audio wasnt working for some reason using VideoLAN, but it did work using Windows Media Player (no video though) so I ran WMP in the background.

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One Response to Free Jsnipes28 (pez_vela) Heads Up NL Video

  1. JemY

    20. Jan, 2009

    good vid indeed, thanks for bringing it up !