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Posted on Feb 09, 2009 by Gugel in General

Online poker coaching sites are all the rage these days.  The thing is though, for the players that would benefit the most from joining, theyre kinda expensive.  I read a blog post on Ed Millers blog (did he get paid to write that?) on how to get free membership to CardRunners and Stoxpoker and I thought Id pass on.

Basically, you keep your existing rakeback and your FullTilt points.  Sign up your existing FT account at Truly Free Poker Training.  (Is it just me, or does the name Truly Free Poker Training make you super suspicious?)  Thats pretty much it.  It starts tracking automatically and when you accrue a certain amount of points, it gives you a free month-long membership.    Anyway, I figured I give it a shot and see if it looks legit.  Apparently CardRunners and StoxPoker teamed up with FullTilt and theyre giving away free memberships based on how much you play on FT.  It doesnt make any sense to me either.  I keep my rakeback, my FT points, AND I get free membership to CardRunners!?  Sounds a bit too good to be true.

So I took the plunge anyway and signed up.  Thankfully, all has turned out well.  It IS legit.  I login into CardRunners and it tells me how many points Ive accumulated and how many points I need to get my free membership.  The points dont carry over month-to-month, but its a pretty reasonable amount and even if you dont get all needed points, youll still get a week (or two, or three) of membership.

We can all stand to get better at poker and Truly Free Poker Training (man that name sucks) does it at a price you cant beat.

Update: Heres my review of Cardrunners.

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