Win $25 Worth of Free Coaching

Posted on Sep 28, 2009 by Gugel in General

Want to win $25 (1/2 an hour) of free coaching from me?  All you have to do is post a hand or ask a question on the Heads Up Forums.  Ill select one lucky winner out of everyone that makes a post in the next 2 weeks.

Update: In 3 days, 5 people have already signed up and posted.  My goal is to have 25 people registered by the time the contest is over (October 11, 2009).  Remember, it only takes a few minutes to register and ask question.  Hell, you might even learn something :)

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5 Responses to Win $25 Worth of Free Coaching

  1. Gugel

    28. Sep, 2009

    We got our first poster Headsupnewbie!

  2. Gugel

    29. Sep, 2009

    Two more people in the running today
    Hank and ThePokerMeister

  3. The Poker Meister

    30. Sep, 2009

    I want to win!

  4. Gugel

    01. Oct, 2009

    Zanzibar and Smugis are in the running now too!

  5. Pete

    04. Oct, 2009

    Id love to get some free coaching, but I dont even know what to ask