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No Money Heads Up, Everyones Solid

Posted on14. Feb, 2010 by Gugel.


Im kidding of course.  Theres still plenty of weak, exploitable players in HU (despite what some people think).  At many points in your poker career, youll feel like the game is unbeatable.  Weve all been there, but dedication in the face of adversity is what makes the good players great.
Props to IheardJoeblows for creating the [...]

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The Poker Life Cycle

Posted on04. Feb, 2010 by Gugel.


People are born, grow up, grow old, and die.  Businesses are born, mature, and die.  Most businesses that were around 100 years ago arent around today technology gets outdated, CEOs die off and the corporate bureaucracy stifles adaptation. Poker, like any other business, has a finite lifespan.
Take a look at the graph below. The [...]

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