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Exclusive Sneak Peak at PokerTableRatings Premium

Posted on26. Apr, 2010 by Gugel.


My friends over at gave me an exclusive sneak peak at the new PTR Premium section.  To take this bad boy for a test drive, I looked up some stats for Isildur1.
General Tab
So the first part of the Premium section is the General tab.  You get to see some of the data thats available [...]

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5 Best Countries in HU NL

Posted on13. Apr, 2010 by Gugel.


In my previous post, I talked about the 5 countries that have the worst HU NL players.  Now, as promised, here are the 5 countries with the best heads up players. (At this point, I figured Id just share the whole list).  Congrats to you Russians.  You are the best HU NL players.
Personally, Im [...]

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5 Worst Countries in Heads Up NL

Posted on07. Apr, 2010 by Gugel.


Ever play HU NL against a guy from Switzerland?  If you havent, youre missing out according to some data from  PTR analyzed Full Tilt players that played over 1,000 hands in 2010.  As expected, the majority of players are losers, but the Swiss take the number 1 spot as the worst heads up players! [...]

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