Street-by-Street Poker EV Graphs with SECT

Let’s say you have AA on the button with 100bb stacks. You misclick and accidentally raise to 99bb. Villain, a crazy billionaire railroad tycoon, has 27 offsuit and decides to call. The flop comes 222 and the pot is 198bb. Villain shoves his last 1bb and you obviously call.

HEM and PTR will calculate your EV only when you go all-in. In other words, you have 0.1% equity on the flop (when you went all-in) and that translates to about 0.2bb in EV. That is obviously painting a very distorted picture…

But that’s where SECT comes in. It calculates EV street-by-street. So in other words, 99bb went in when you had 88% equity and 1bb went in when you had 0.1% equity. SECT will report your EV as 174bb (a much more accurate representation of what’s happening).

SECT only works for cash game hands and it reads off an HEM database (sorry PTR folks, you’re out of luck).

To install:

Download the latest Java update.
Download SECT
Uncompress the .rar file (you might need Winrar)
Edit the XML file in notepad (see steps 5 – 7)
Replace “HoldEmManger” with the name of your database
Replace “postgres” by your postresql login
Replace “postrepass” by your postresql password
Run SECT_v3.2.7.jar
Forgot the name of your database or your login information? Here’s how you can find it in HEM.

HEM Database Information

In the example above, my database name is 2008. You’ll see your “Login name” and “Password” once you click on “Database Management”.

Props to Pprofesseur and Victor118, the two French poker players who developed SECT.

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