100k-Hand Variance Simulator

Head over to the Tools section and check out the Variance Simulator (requires Excel). Just enter your winrate and standard deviation and keep pressing F9. It will automatically generate what your next 100,000 hands might look like. You might be very surprised how much variance youre likely to experience, even over a pretty significant sample size.

With a 3PTBB/100 winrate and a standard deviation of 60, I got the following results over ten 100,000-hand samples:

  1. +40 buyins
  2. -20 buyins
  3. +80 buyins
  4. 0 buyins
  5. +40 buyins
  6. -5 buyins
  7. +60 buyins
  8. +85 buyins
  9. +20 buyins
  10. +40 buyins

How to Find Your Standard Deviation in Poker Tracker 3

Just open up PT3 and click on More Detail in the Session Notes tab. As an alternative, refer to this 2+2 post.

How to Find Your Standard Deviation in Hold Em Manager

Open HEM then go to the Reports tab. On the left, click on the + sign. Add Standard Deviation in BB (not bb). Click save, refresh, and youre done!

Note: I actually posted this on 2+2 a while a back but I forgot to post it here. Whoops. Also, Id like to give credit to the person that actually developed this spreadsheet but unfortunately, I have no idea who it is.

Hungarian poker players

Online poker’s more accessible than ever. Whether you’re in for micro stakes or high roller tables, the options are wide and varied. Make sure to use sites fully compliant with Hungarian gambling laws, so your bankroll’s safe and secure. But remember, even foreign sites from elsewhere in EU and other parts of the world are completely legal. And given the state of online casinos with Hungarian license (there are three), it’s practical necessity to play casino games and poker outside the country. What you might encounter at a foreign casino is some payment methods will not work, and you might have to use a VPN to reach the casino or poker network.

Consider using tools like Poker Tracker or Hold’em Manager. These aren’t just gadgets for the pros. They crunch numbers in real-time, helping you spot patterns and adapt your strategy. All about getting that edge, right?

And let’s talk game variety. Sure, Texas Hold’em might be the king, but why not try your hand at Omaha or 7-Card Stud? Many sites also offer special formats like fast-fold poker, giving you instant action with zero wait time.

Finally, don’t forget the bonuses. From welcome packages to reload bonuses, these can give you extra firepower at the tables. So, whether it’s freerolls or satellite entries you’re after, make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Poker regulation in Hungary

While the big EU doesn’t have its fingers in the specifics of online poker regulation, it lets member states like Hungary play their own hand. So, if you’re playing from Budapest or beyond, make sure the site you’re on has the green light from Hungary’s national gambling authority.

Digging into the legal nitty-gritty, Hungarian regulations require that any online poker platform must scoop up a local license to spread its virtual cards legally. Hungary follows the Hungarian Gambling Act, updated to keep pace with the digital sprawl. For a closer look, you can zero in on the specifics of Hungarian gambling laws through EUR-Lex, which is the go-to for any EU legislation. There are many interesting things, among them Unibet vs. Hungarian government case, which explains how we ended up where we are.

Stay sharp, play smart, and keep it legal—make sure those online poker adventures are above board and in line with what Hungary and the broader EU expect from a well-regulated game.

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